Programme Committee 


President of Programme Committee:

Mojmir Klovar, School Centre Celje

Currently still has a function of the principle in the Secondary School of Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, but starts the function of the Director of School Centre Celje with 1. 6.2021. As an expert in the field of informatics and computer science, he was an initiator of the network infrastructure at the School Centre Celje, he also cooperated in all upgrades and updates as well in many other national and international ICT projects.  He encouranges and educates co-workers for creative use of informational technology in classrooms and regularly folows the news in the area of computer science and informatics, wich he successfully implies into the educational process. 



Members of the Programme Committee:

Nevenka Bogataj, PhD, Slovenian Institute for Adult Education

PhD Nevenka Bogataj, professional research councillor works in the area of the adults’ education in the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education. She regularly develops innovative concepts (e. g. centres of lifelong learning, community learning) and educational programmes (e.g. basic and extended education for sustainable development). She has acknowledged many of the new target groups (ex. forest owners, agrarian communities) as well as the ignored communities of vulnerable. With the coordination of study groups, she connects the practical experiences with the researches. She edited many of the National Proceedings, and she appears internationally as the reviewer and co-author in the scientific area of natural resources management by the enforcement of the “cooperation model”.


Nives Počkar, School Centre Ljubljana

Nives Počkar, the Director of the School Centre Ljubljana. She is a president of the Association of the Secondary School Principals, Colleges and Boarding Schools which is as well the member of the European School Heads Association. She actively cooperates in the Management Board of the Association of Secondary Schools and Boarding Schools in Slovenia and is a member of the Expert Council of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational and Technical Education. She is an executive Committee member in the EFEE (European Federation of Education Employers) and is a president in the Management Board in the Consortium of the Slovenian School Centres.


Jasmina Poličnik, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Jasmina Poličnik works at the Secretary in Secondary, Higher Vocational and Adult Education Directorate at the Ministry of Education Science and Sport. As a coodinator for High school, Higher Vocational College and Adult Education she works with the European Affair and International Cooperation Service in the project of Slovenia’ s presidency to the Council of the European Union, which will happen in the second half of the 2021. Her previous work is connected to the development of the higher vocational education, enabling and following the quality of the higher vocational schools as well as the following of the innovation processes. She performs in the international activities, mostly connected to the quality of the vocational education by cooperating in the Erasmus+ programmes (also as EURASHE representative of the work group for the quality), as well she leads and manages the processes of practical education. 


Suzana Plemenitaš, Primary School Dobje

Suzana Plemenitaš, the principal at Primary School Dobje. Under her mandate, the school successfully got the title to be the First Microsoft Primary School in Slovenia. Due to the innovative way of including the informational-communicational technology into the teaching process they got the prospective Kumerdej’s award. As a teacher she cooperated in the E-school project as a counsellor and mentor for multiple teacher seminars. She was also the editor of the sample E-classrooms for the first educational period at SIO web portal and moderator of the E-classroom for primary school teaching. Since 2009 she has been writing professional contributions and attending various international conferences.  


Natalija Klepej Gržanič, School Centre Celje

Natalija Klepej Gržanič, independent expert associate, project coordinator. At the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (Secondary, Higher Vocational and Adult Educational Directorate, Cohesion Policy Implementation Office) she worked in the controlling of the payment claims, conclusion reports, cooperated in the preparation of the tender calls and was included into the tender calls commissions. She cooperated/cooperates in Erasmus+ (KA1, KA2, KA3) project coordination, national and in other European projects in the frame of Association of Slovene Higher Vocational Colleges – Association HVC and School Centre Celje.  


Mateja Rajh Jager, School Centre Celje

Mateja Rajh Jager, independent expert associate, project coordinator is included into the preparations and implementations of the international Erasmus+ projects (KA1, KA2) as well as in many national projects from the field of adult education performed in the frame of Adult Training Centre of School Centre Celje. She leads and cooperates in the organisation of International symposiums, conferences and other events (coordinator of the TVU (Lifelong Learning Weeks), organisation of the Learning Parade). She also cooperated with the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education in the development of the new public programme for young school dropouts.