Ecosystem-Based Solutions for Present and Future


Who is Ana Vovk?

Full professor and double PhD, employed at the Faculty of Arts in Maribor. She has been developing new knowledge for more than 30 years and transfers it into the curricula and practical knowledge with an aim to get youngsters to learn something important for their present as well as future. Next to Geography she also lectures at the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She is a leader of International Centre for Ecoremediations (natural revivals) at the Faculty of Arts and manager of the Institute for Promotion of Environmental Protection. She owns Teaching area for Self-Sufficiency in Dole, where she created ecosystem-based farm and »Vital Life Centre«. She says her goal is to make people happy, satisfied, life motivated, creative and unconditionally spiritually connected. Only that kind of communities can redirect wrong paths of development which we face today. She believes in her success, since she already has a great number of co –thinkers.