Not all classrooms have walls

The EU Commission and Erasmus+ have set new targets around the EU Digital Decade, Environmental sustainability and Inclusion. If teacher and schools programs are to deliver on these targets, staff mobilities must be delivered on the same targets, teachers must be the first to experience digital and AI during their learning experiences and KA1 programs must lead by example.

1,500 EU teachers were surveyed in 2020 on existing the KA1 mobilities format and teachers expectations – these results have being the foundations of a new tech based offering launched by Language Xchange Ireland, in 2021.How can EU Teachers experience a digital or artificial intelligence learning themselves, under Erasmus KA1?
How can EU Teachers experience an almost carbon neutral program, abroad?
How can EU teachers experience open conversation, networking and inclusion in another EU country, within their KA1 program?

New EU targets must be experienced by school staff first, while on a KA1 staff mobility program and this experience carried back to the school of origin. We look at the survey, results, new targets and most importantly ‘edtech’ solutions.


Who is Con?

Con Furey is Managing Director of the Language Xchange Ireland, one of Ireland’s leading language exchange companies. Their programmes are tailored to meet the needs of students who wish to gain international English language experience and develop confidence speaking English in a business environment. In addition to learning English in a business environment, their programmes provide an opportunity to develop conversational English in fun, relaxing social environments. They have successfully hosted students from Austria, Italy, Poland, France, Greece, Finland and Norway since 2009. They have partnered many Erasmus+ projects as an Irish Partner.