Nina Jelen: When teacher listens pupils do the same

It is often said that our educational system tends to be too competitive and productive. They say it kills children’ s creativity. It does not allow children to make mistakes, to be curious and to have their own opinion. Nevertheless, this fact, there are many teachers who are aware, of the crucial children characteristic – making them motivated and curious. So, the school becomes the learning environment in which pupils keep the creativity and find out their talents.  That is why, motivation becomes very important. If they are guided correctly, motivated and teacher listens to them, adapts classes to their interests and individuality they will tackle the subject with totally different energy, positivity and innovative ideas.  If you let them to be creative and give time to think you might find out that your result can be a little miracle – which is what children become.  The main role in this process has a teacher since he/she has to encourage its creativity. That is why he/she has to follow, look after their motivation, allow them to make a mistake, let them learn by themselves and stand by their side. If teacher listens to learners, they listen to him/her.


Who is Nina Jelen?

Nina Jelen is a teacher, that regularly includes creative teaching methods into the classroom and shares them between other teachers. She puts a lot of effort into the internet security, since she is aware of the traps existing there. Therefore, she won the competition for best lesson plan, dealing with the topic of internet safety, posted by Information Commissioner in 2015 and won the competition in the category »teacher« in the EU Commission conquest titled Better Internet for Kids in 2018. She has been awarded with the award in the Republic of Slovenia in 2019 in the field of education. This year (2021) she won National competition »I am teacher«. She posted two books for children, but she still remains »teacher Nina« in e-newspaper »Časoris«, where she advises the children who need help.