ARducation – business education with Augmented Reality

In teaching and training, learning styles can be triggered in new ways, and trainings can be improved. All this calls for implementation of AR in vocational education of the sales and marketing staff, as well as the illustration of technical processes. Recently, AR has come to vocational education to promote the business and administration programs.
The Danish Vocational College Vestfyn holds the innovation project ARducation. Up to 10,000 students from Southern Denmark are involved in learning processes with AR and thus, get challenged and extended their STEM competences. The teachers create courses integrating AR, both in technical subjects and interdisciplinarily. Ordinary teaching content comes alive, when the students, for example, apply AR for illustrating a city map, for exploring theoretical business models such as SWOT analysis or simply for presenting themselves with AR-business cards to future work places.
Project manager Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen, Moeve, will introduce to Augmented Reality, its commercial use and ARducation. Vocational teacher Janne Fløjstrup, Vestfyns, will present a case from her teaching practice with AR and the impact on the students.


Who are Regina and Janne? 

Regina is the founder and director of Moeve; in movement on her mission to spot and achieve new landmarks for education and training.

The dedicated project manager of a wide range of major pedagogical innovation projects, in Denmark as well as across countries, creates the playground for bringing professionals together and making them innovate together. This implies to organize, to de-construct and re-organize, until new forms and synergies emerge, always aware of the goals and schedules to be followed and to interplay with the innovation. Here, Regina promotes the human urges for exploration and progression as the main driving forces.

The sector around youth education with its related fields is her primary work field, where ICT for refining teaching and learning processes is one of her core businesses.

Regina holds a Master of Adult Education as well as a Master of Project Management and Change Processes, built on her commercial background and years of teaching. From time to time, she delivers expert tasks, such as studies, analyses, and research work, also related to results from her projects.

Janne is MA from the University of Southern Denmark.

Vocational teacher (EUD/EUX Business) at Business College Vestfyn, DK, in the subjects English, Danish, Organization, as well as miscellaneous interdisciplinary- and vocational projects at the IVET and Psychology (HHX). Co-creator of the course “Augmented SWOT-analysis”, developed as part of the ARducation project.