Pattern city Velenje – the most modern classroom in Europe

Authors of the Pattern city will introduce their method of establishing creative learning environments in virtual and real world and their connection.  They will introduce the importance of the technology choice, creation of the virtual tools, how to tell stories on a playful way in enhanced experiences with problem solutions. They will also introduce the meaning of active learning path analysis, which next to content learning includes also learners´ cognitive, affective and psyhomotoric personality. Purpose of teaching establishment, evaluation and researches is to look for new methodology approaches which are proportional with the students´ view into the current technological development.


Who are Miha Cojhter and Erik Kapfer?




Miha Cojhter

He is the owner of the idea and co-founder of Pattern city Velenje. Pattern city works as research and development department of the “University for Society” (Ljudska univerza Velenje). Miha is Bachelor of Science in computer engineering and leader of the educational part in Pattern city. He explores the meaning of the education, science and art. Which could be seen in many of his expert articles. His professional contributions from the areas of education, science and art can be found in America and Europe. As an Austrian resident he closely cooperates with Slovenia and Velenje where he establishes better educational conditions and skill achievement.     

Erik Kapfer

Researcher, developer and creator in the area of visual and intermedia approach in last 25 years. In Pattern city he works with technology and strategic networking for development of the cooperation with economy and others. He is known as a generalist in the IKT field, digital competences and 4.0 industry. He was also developing projects in the area of Pattern cities abroad, especially in Netherlands. By this we cannot neglect versatile experiences from movie industry and intermedia art. He works as a national organizer of WRO (World Robotics Olympic) and as technical director of the company CORe (EON Reality Slovenia).  

Joined cooperation:
Interactive teaching layout of Pattern city (Roboelektrika, 10.000 miles, War of the Worlds, Oblivion, and Undercostruction, Space 360˚, Center Noordung, Between tree and cradle, Blue Giant, Teaching park Šaleške doline, Hiking trail of Šaleška dolina, Hiking trails of Zgornja Savinjska dolina, etc.)